Why Consider Video Enhancement Software For Your Investigation? Cognitech


Today, the best CCTV video enhancement software offers tons of amazing benefits. Unfortunately, only a few investigators are already taking advantage of this software tool to resolve various crime cases. As an investigator, with reliable enhancement software, you’ll be able to clarify a video recording to better see how the events happened.


What is the best video enhancement software in 2022? How exactly can the right enhancement software help you as an investigator? Continue reading to find answers to your questions.

Benefits of using the right CCTV footage enhancement software

Video enhancement software tools are essential tools for improving the quality of a forensic video file. Today, many video files need enhancement. However, the ones that need it the most are the video files shot with a smartphone camera. These videos often come with poor quality as a result of lighting issues. With the right video enhancement software, such as the Cognitech Video Investigator® 64, these video files can be adjusted for high-quality.

CCTV video enhancement software

Today, CCTV footage has become an important tool for law enforcement agencies to curb crimes in society. This is one reason why CCTV video enhancement software has increased in popularity and become essential for investigators.


But here’s a burning question, how exactly can forensic video and image enhancement software improve your work rate?

1.   Correction of errors

One of the good things about the right CCTV footage enhancement software is that it’s effective for correcting errors in forensic videos.


  • Corrupted video files, which often result from using out-of-date digital forensic equipment, are one of the common errors we’re talking about. Unfortunately, this particular error can cause different playback issues. That’s not all; the error can also render the forensic video file completely useless. The good news is that a good CCTV video enhancement software, such as the Cognitech Video Investigator® 64, can always help you correct these errors and improve its quality for court use.


  • “0xc00d36c4” is another common video file issue that you may encounter with your forensic video evidence. This issue often surfaces as a result of the storage device used for the video. You can also address this issue with the right CCTV footage enhancement tool


  • Distorted video, black screen, quick time error, missing video codec, and video lag issues, are a few other video file errors that Cognitech Video Investigator® 64 can help you resolve.


The bottom line is that the best video enhancement software is effective for making corrections and addressing different video file errors.

2.   Noise removal

De-noising a video file means you’re decreasing the noise and artifacts in the forensic footage. With the right CCTV video enhancement software, it’s very easy to demonize your CCTV footage before proceeding to do any color grading or correction.CCTV video enhancement software

3.   Addition of watermarking

With the right video enhancement software, it becomes easy to metadata or labels to footage, which is much-needed for most investigators. With this service, you’ll be able to identify the people present in the footage, including where they were at the time of the recording.

What is the best video enhancement software?

Cognitech Video Investigator® 64 remains the best for video enhancement in the forensic industry. This software, apart from being designed by the industry leader (Cognitech), offers tons of amazing features to aid your video enhancement needs. You can learn more about the features of “Video Investigator® 64” and why it remains the best CCTV footage enhancement software.

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