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In the UK, there are currently more than 5 million CCTV cameras, and as prices continue to drop, there will be more cameras in the future. Every high street has surveillance cameras, and home systems and doorbell cameras are quickly becoming commonplace household items. CCTV is an essential component of business security.

CCTV footage plays an important role as digital forensics evidence in the criminal justice system because everyday life is recorded on video. However, before it can be used effectively in court, CCTV video evidence is frequently of poor quality and needs to be improved and analyzed. Due to the widespread use of CCTV cameras, footage can be used in casework for various legal matters, including traffic accidents and murders.

The quality of the video footage captured by CCTV can be enhanced, resulting in a more accurate depiction of the events. Video evidence is very powerful in court because modern Video forensics techniques can remove blur and pixilation to improve resolution and enhance details. Expert analysis is paired with cutting-edge technology to help defense professionals better comprehend how findings will affect their case.


Cognitech gives an extensive variety of CCTV enhancement services, including:

Cognitech boasts cutting-edge facilities and a team of world-class forensic scientists. Everything scientific work is done to the best Norms.

Casework Managers are in charge of all defense work and streamline and support the entire process. All expert witness reports are meticulously documented and peer-reviewed, allowing barristers and solicitors to prepare a defense strategy that is more effective with direct access to our team of scientists.


There are numerous manufacturers of CCTV equipment, making it a very large market. Unfortunately, they don’t make their equipment with a standard output for the industry. As a result, data from one machine can’t always be played back on another machine, and it rarely is. Multiplex systems, which combine footage from multiple cameras onto a single screen, pose another challenge. When we combine this with new technology, we have a minefield of issues for anyone who wants to watch the footage that was made.

We can resolve the aforementioned issues for you, allowing you to view footage from multiple cameras covering an entire day or just a portion of an event. You will have an unparalleled overview of a scene to present to a jury when you combine this with one of our scale plans that shows the positions of all the CCTV cameras. All footage will be forensically sound and time-stamped.

If necessary, we can also frequently enhance images and produce photographic prints of any images.

To enhance CCTV footage, the end-user is presented with a versatile user interface that allows for interactive change of processing parameters and interactive geometry selection (Glyphs). Video Investigator’s Active Interface GUI enables the user to execute the integrated plug-ins in a highly interactive mode with real-time results.

This advanced video processing interface allows the user to find the most optimal set of video processing parameters in a highly interactive way.

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