Amazon Seller Account Blocked: What To Do?

Amazon's Legal System

It has already happened to many Amazon retailers that the Amazon seller account is blocked without warning. Selling on Amazon is no longer possible with immediate effect. This results in direct sales losses, which can quickly threaten the economic existence of retailers.

In this case, performing an Amazon suspension appeal is the only thing that helps. But doing that is time-consuming and barely works out with a trial-and-error initiative. So, when you decide to perform this appeal, we advise you to meet the best digital marketers for Amazon consultation.


Amazon’s Legal System

In order to perform an Amazon suspension appeal, merchants must first understand how the judicial system works at Amazon. The principle is that everyone is presumed guilty until proven innocent. Because of this, Amazon rigorously suspends accounts. Traders can then appeal and prove their innocence.

Amazon is committed to being the world’s most customer-friendly company. Account suspensions are not about justice but the unique customer experience on Amazon, which is the top priority.


Why Is Amazon Suspending a Seller Account?

As a rule, there are valid reasons for this measure; for example,

  • Violation of Amazon policies
  • Poor seller performance
  • Patent and plagiarism allegations
  • Non-compliance with the prime rules (fulfillment by Amazon) with “Prime by Seller.”
  • Problems with returns processing
  • Long response times
  • Bad translations
  • Negative reviews
  • Defective goods
  • Formal issues
  • Double accounts


  • Formal Reasons

There are many possible causes here, such as the lack of information in the imprint, an outdated trade license, outdated legal texts (e.g. cancellation policy), missing data protection declaration, and many more. Such violations can usually be clarified quickly, and the blocking is lifted.


  • Breach of policy

Here it looks much more difficult. Many merchants are unaware that they may have violated policies. When the Amazon seller account gets suspended, the merchants don’t know why. They often only get vague explanations from Amazon, like “Your seller account is linked to another account that is not allowed to sell goods on Amazon.”


  • Patent and plagiarism allegations

Amazon is particularly strict with such violations since the online giant is jointly liable for protection violations. Falsely reporting a plagiarism violation is also not advisable just to sound out the competition.


How Can a Trader Appeal?

If your Amazon seller account gets banned, try to keep calm and find out the reason for the ban. Sellers have often owed themselves a little something without being aware of it. Avoid contacting Amazon Support without a solid plan. Difficult cases are often processed with pre-formulated standard answers due to a lack of time.

In this case, communication becomes tedious and tedious without unblocking the blocked account. So once the merchant has found the error, they can “open a case” in the Seller Central help area and “appeal” there. For a successful appeal, the dealer needs an “Action Plan.” This includes the detected problem, its cause, and a solution.


  • Problem Detection (Suspended Amazon Seller Account)

You must explain the problem to Amazon and take responsibility for it, even if they weren’t aware of it beforehand. Blaming others or even Amazon could be more helpful.


  • Clarify the cause of an Amazon account suspension.

You have to find out the cause of the problem and explain to Amazon how it happened. For example, an untrustworthy supplier could supply counterfeit branded goods you were unaware of beforehand.


  • How to troubleshoot a suspended Amazon seller account

Explain the measures you have taken to eliminate the cause and, thus, the problem. It should be clear that your actions will prevent the problem from recurring. In the above example, you could terminate the cooperation with the supplier and require a confirmation from the brand manufacturer from all suppliers in the future.


Unblock Amazon account

Don’t expect any help from Amazon if your Amazon seller account has been suspended. Waiting forever for explanations from Amazon won’t help either. While every lost day means lost sales, angry emails to Amazon don’t help. Stay positive and remember, there is a way back to your Amazon seller account.

Do your own troubleshooting and review your entire account and business activity. Even if the Amazon algorithm sometimes makes mistakes, there is usually a reason for the blocking. Find the reason and create an action plan.

The general rule is to write the appeal as briefly, factually, and easily as possible. Time is short at Amazon, so make it as easy as possible for Amazon employees to fix your problem. This is the only way to reach your goal.



This approach can take a lot of time, making you lose sales money during the suspension period. But we have a way to get your account back up in no time with our amazon reinstatement strategy. At Mari-Marketing, we are an Amazon, eBay, and Walmart reinstatement expert and offer a digital marketing strategy framework for your business.


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