5 Best Things About Texas Weddings

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Nothing can beat the beauty and warmth of Texas weddings. From the gorgeous landscapes to the vibrant cultures, weddings in Texas have a unique charm of their own. Here are 5 things that make Texas weddings truly memorable:

The Weather

The weather is definitely one of the top things when planning a Texas wedding. Texas has mild winters and warm summers with very little rain, making it a perfect season for outdoor weddings. Most Texas weddings happen between March to October when the temperatures are pleasant and still cool enough at night. You get year-round sunshine and beautiful blue skies which make for some stunning outdoor photos.

The Scenery

The diverse landscapes of Texas are postcard worthy. From the lush Hill Country with its wildflowers and vineyards to the mesmerizing plains and desert scenery, Texas weddings offer a picturesque backdrop for photos and ceremonies. You can find stunning venues nestled between majestic oak trees, on rolling ranch lands or by mountain cliffs. Many Texas weddings incorporate the local landscapes into their theme and decorations.

The Food

Texan cuisine has a distinct flair all of its own, making Texas weddings a delight for food lovers. Barbecue, fajitas, enchiladas, queso, tacos – the options are endless. You can expect Texas weddings to feature Shiner Bock beer, signature margaritas and Bluebell ice cream as wedding favors. The authentic flavors and cuisines of Texas create memorable dining experiences for guests at Texas weddings.

The Dance Parties

Texas weddings are known for their energetic and fun dance parties. Country music is in the cultural DNA of Texas, so country dances like line dancing, two-stepping and boot scootin’ are staples at Texas weddings. Guests can let loose and party the night away on the dance floor to live bands playing country, western swing and tejano tunes. The down-home hospitality and joyful spirit make for memorable Texas wedding celebrations.

The Unique Venues

Texas weddings offer a wide variety of unique venues that reflect the state’s culture and heritage. From historic ranches and gardens to oil derricks and cattle auctions, you’ll find venues that embody the spirit of Texas. You can get married in a carriage house, an old oil refinery, atop a mountain peak, inside an old mission church or luxury ranch – the options for Texas weddings are truly endless. The charming and distinct venues help make Texas weddings truly unforgettable.

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